Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life as a Stay at Home mom....

is never dull. Silence is rare and most often, chaos and noise abound. As I am typing this, my 4 little blessings are playing AWANA with shouts of "everyone get your Bible." Now Savannah is asking Jadon to tell her his name, and he is saying over and over again in typical Jadon fashion (loudly) "J-A-D-O-N." Next she is asking if he has his Bible, handbook, and uniform. She must be signing him in. Sweet little Bethany is saying she has her Bible too. They are going all out with pledges, AWANA song, prayer and everything. It is so precious when they play like that together. And although there are many times I yearn for quiet, I am honestly so grateful that I rarely have it.

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